Why Your Transmission May Be Quietly Failing

Your vehicle’s transmission isn’t typically something you think about when driving. Cars today are designed to shift quietly and smoothly, so this makes it easy to forget that transmissions need regular maintenance. Some unlucky drivers have learned this lesson the hard way after their transmissions failed.

Transmissions contain many moving parts, including gears that move virtually any time your car moves. These parts are surrounded by transmission fluid that provides lubrication and temperature control. However, this fluid may lose its effectiveness after accumulating substantial mileage and should be changed when suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Otherwise, your transmission will accumulate contaminants, operate at higher temperatures, and experience increased wear and tear.

Don’t wait until you have a big problem to have your transmission serviced. Feeny Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Gaylord, MI has the right expertise and maintenance inventory to make sure that your transmission gets the professional attention it deserves. We’re one call away!

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